Voting rules

Voting rules for software rankings

Our voting rules

Please note that the Energy Risk and editorial staff work to ensure the integrity of the survey data by disqualifying companies or discarding votes, where:

  • People vote for their own firm
  • There are multiple votes from the same person
  • There are multiple votes from a single IP address
  • Web-based (eg hotmail or gmail) or fake email addresses have been used
  • People have voted for the same firm indiscriminately throughout the poll, without due consideration
  • People have voted in a category in which they clearly don't have any presence
  • There are block votes from groups of people on the same desk at the same institution voting for the same firm
  • There is any indication that an unfair attempt has been made to influence the votes, other than what is mentioned above
  • A firm has provided an inducement to a client to vote, whether it be gifts, drinks or other entertainment. A notification to clients of the survey is acceptable
  • Energy Risk’s decision is final.

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