Categories for software rankings

CTRM providers
  • Derivatives software
  • Physical trading, operations/logistics software
  • Front- and middle-office functionality 
Shipping and land transportation software
  • Shipping
  • Rail and road transportation
Enterprise risk software
  • Best enterprise risk management software system
  • Best enterprise wide data capture and storage
  • Best credit risk software
OTC trading platform providers
  • Best connectivity with other systems
  • Best liquidity 
  • Best overall ease of use
Data providers
  • Best data on crude oil and gas storage 
  • Best firm for thermal and satellite imagery 
  • Best provider of market intelligence 
Data management firms
  • Widest supply of data
  • Best analytics tools 
  • Preferred data management system
Technology advisory firms
  • Best at CTRM software implementation
  • Best at analytics development
  • Most innovative project developer