EEX Group is a group of specialised companies providing market platforms for energy and commodity products across the globe. The offering of the group comprises contracts for Energy, Environmentals, Freight, Metals and Agriculturals. The group offers market access and tailor-made solutions to trading participants as well as integrated process handling with its own clearing houses. The companies belonging to the group are specialised for the different markets and provide on-site support for their customers.

EEX Group is based in 17 worldwide locations and is part of Deutsche Börse Group.

The European Energy Exchange (EEX) is the leading energy exchange in Europe which develops, operates and connects secure, liquid and transparent markets for energy and related products. As part of EEX Group, EEX offers contracts on Power and Emission Allowances as well as Freight and Agricultural Products.

Created by a team of fintech and capital markets experts, Beacon is empowering the financial services industry by offering a flexible, end-to-end, cloud-based platform that has our clients up and running within weeks–not years. Our transparent source code and infrastructure solutions allow our clients to quickly customize and scale technology to fit their business needs.

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TP ICAP is a global firm of professional intermediaries that plays a pivotal role in the world’s financial, energy and commodities markets.

Operating through our core businesses, Tullett Prebon, ICAP, PVM, Mirexa Capital, Tullett Prebon Information, ICAP Information Services and PVM Data Services, we create strong networks in person and through technology. We provide comprehensive analysis and insight into market conditions and long-term trends. We combine data, knowledge and intelligence into contextual insight and commercial guidance. By engaging with our clients, and providing innovative products and services, we enable our clients to transact with confidence, facilitating the flow of capital and commodities around the world, enhancing investment and contributing to economic growth.

Our values of honesty, integrity, respect and excellence underpin everything we do.

At Eleven Recruitment, we find hidden talent for the energy and commodities, lubricants, chemicals and fuel sectors.

We became recruiters for the oil industry as a natural extension of our existing presence in the market. Our parent company Ashley & Dumville started selling coal and coke from horse drawn carriages back in 1880, diversifying to fuel oils in the 1950s. With an enviable list of contacts, a publishing arm was established in the seventies and Oil Recruitment was launched in 1998. In 2018, we rebranded to Eleven Recruitment to focus more on how we recruit and to better reflect the multiple niches in which we operate.

Today, Ashley & Dumville is a fourth-generation family run group; the Smiths have always prided themselves on adapting to the needs of the industry, to build a sustainable business for our clients and employees alike. 



www.TRMTracker.com is a sub-brand by Pioneer Solutions, a global provider of award-winning C/ETRM, environmental management and financial and regulatory compliance solutions. TRMTracker.com leverages Pioneer's highly configurable flagship system by making Tier-1 C/ETRM functionality accessible to non-enterprise-level customers in a cost-effective way. Since 2003, Pioneer has been serving some of the largest energy companies, utilities and midstream producers in the US and Europe. Pioneer's innovative and flexible solutions have been organically built for rapid implementation and superior services at an overall lower cost of ownership. Pioneer SaaS via www.TRMTracker.com offers comprehensive front, middle, and back office process management for both physical and financial trades of all asset classes and commodity types.