Voting rules

Voting rules for Commodity Rankings

Our voting rules:

Please note that Energy Risk and editorial staff work to ensure the integrity of the survey data by disqualifying companies or discarding votes, where:

  • People vote for their own firm
  • There are multiple votes from the same person
  • There are multiple votes from a single IP address
  • Web-based (eg hotmail or gmail) or fake email addresses have been used
  • People have voted for the same firm indiscriminately throughout the poll, without due consideration
  • People have voted in a category in which they clearly don't have any presence
  • There are block votes from groups of people on the same desk at the same institution voting for the same firm
  • There is any indication that an unfair attempt has been made to influence the votes, other than what is mentioned above
  • A firm has provided an inducement to a client to vote, whether it be gifts, drinks or other entertainment. A notification to clients of the survey is acceptable
  • Energy Risk’s decision is final.