Energy Risk Europe - 18th annual conference

This website contains information relating to the 2015 event. To be informed as soon as details on the 2016 conference are available please complete a remind me form here

The European energy trading environment has never been as complicated or as uncertain as it is today. During recent years, European energy market participants have had to cope with deep fundamental shifts in the way energy is produced and consumed, as well as a wave of financial regulation that continues to rock the industry.

Event Highlights 2015


Prominent Speakers 2015:

  • Olivier Herbelot

    Olivier Herbelot,
    Group Chief Risk Officer, Centrica

  • David Port

    David Port,
    Chief Risk Officer, E.ON Global Commodities

  • Edouard Neviaski

    Edouard Neviaski,
    Chief Executive Officer, GDF Suez Trading

  • Jonathan Whitehead

    Jonathan Whitehead,
    Global Head of Commodities, Société Générale

  • Alberto Pototschni

    Alberto Pototschnig,
    Director, ACER

  • Walt Patterson

    Walt Patterson,
    Author; Associate Fellow, Chatham House; Visiting Fellow, University of Sussex

  • Cornelia Kawann

    Cornelia Kawann,
    Head of Market Surveillance, Swiss Federal Electricity Commission - ElComE

  • Geoff Boon

    Geoff Boon,
    Programme Manager, Energy markets governance & REMIT, E-control






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