Day 1


Registration and refreshments



Michael McCaw, Editor, ENERGY RISK


Paul Waine, Director, Green Lock Associates


OPENING KEYNOTE: Implications of Brexit and the risk impact on UK and European energy businesses

Paul Horsnell, Head of Commodities Research, Standard Chartered


INTERVIEW ON STAGE: What does the future hold for energy trading?

Paul Newman, Director, NEX GRP plc interviewed by
Stella Farrington, Reporter, Commodities,


Morning break



PRESENTATION: MIFID UPDATE: Getting all the pieces in place for MiFID II - a year of reckoning

  • Time of MiFID II: Outstanding questions of the upcoming regulation
  • How does the MiFID framework on commodities fit into the whole EU financial regulation?
  • How would the BREXIT affect the application of the EU legislation?
  • The lack of clarity around position limits - are more delays expected?
  • What challenges will regulators have to confront?

Benoit Gourisse, Senior Director, ISDA


MARKET SUPERVISION THINK TANK: Staying abreast of regulatory changes

This session will shed more light on the upcoming and existing regulations affecting energy markets and will combine short updates on major legislation frameworks and Q&A with the esteemed speaker line-up.

1. Revisions to the European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR)

  • Putting in place margining requirements on non-cleared transactions
  • Expected changes to the reporting regime
  • Changes to position and collateral reporting

2. Securities Financing Transaction Regulation (SFTR) - How will it affect you and what operational challenges does it pose?

3. Algo trading requirements under MiFID II

  • Systems and controls for algorithmic trading on MTFs and OTFs
  • Risks of trading algorithmically

4. EU benchmark regulations - latest updates

5. Complying with the Market Abuse Regulation (MAR) and REMIT

  • Experience and practical cases on surveillance and market abuse - getting a better understanding how cases are being brought and what fines are in place
  • How would regulators deal with non-compliance? What will be tolerated and where's the borderline

Moderator: Aviv Handler, Managing Director, ETR Advisory

Cornelia Kawann, Head Market Surveillance, Swiss Federal Electricity Commission ElCom

Maria Popova, Manager for Market Supervision, Regulatory and Policy Associate, EFET

Chris Harris, Head of Regulation, Npower

Alexander McDonald, CEO, WMBA, LEBA


Lunch and opportunity to visit the exhibition



RISK THINK TANK: Revisiting risk management structures and changing the approach to risk strategy

A combination of short presentations and Q&A, this think tank presents top industry experts who share their recent research, challenges, best practice and experience on a wide range of key issues concerning the energy risk community.

1. Role of a CRO, risk culture, risk strategy

  • How to develop a risk intelligent culture throughout the organisation
  • The value of risk management - how much is it worth to a company to have a good risk management system?
  • Holistic risk management - what do we mean by that?
  • What is the input of your risk department into your company's business strategy

2. ERM - identifying future opportunities, long-term risks and disruptive trends

  • How best to identify and analyse the gamut of risks that could potentially destabilise an organisation
  • Good and bad experiences energy companies have had with ERM
  • How to build aggregated risk metrics?
  • How do you quantify enterprise risk and what do you take into account?

3. The influence of technology on risk managers

  • How could your job change in the future given the industry is moving much more towards technology?
  • Does that mean shrinking space for risk managers or will risk managers have to find a different way to add value?
  • How do you envision being able to use blockchain?

4. Risk recruitment: retaining, developing and maintaining the risk talent in the organisation

  • Training and developing the risk talent - best practice
  • How to keep your risk personnel motivated?
  • How to retain the right people and consequently create the right risk culture?

Moderator: Paul Waine, Director, Green Lock Associates

Novera Khan, Chief Risk Officer, Uniper S.E

Josef Bogensperger, Principal Risk Manager, Verbund Trading

Fabian Rodriguez, Chief Risk Officer, TrailStone UK

Uwe Schulz, Chief Risk Officer, RWE Supply & Trading


PRESENTATION: ERM framework applied to post-trade risk management

  • Post-trade risk management: Triangulations
  • How credit, market and liquidity risk interact in post-trade risk management
  • Lessons learnt from business cases

Diana Higgins, Head of Credit, Centrica Energy



ROUNDTABLE: ETRM LANDSCAPE - Moving towards efficiency

  • Getting the implementation of ETRM solutions aligned across the regulatory spectrum
  • New functionality required of ETRM given new reporting requirements
  • Cost pressure issues - can we do with less?
  • Working with fewer people, better and easier to manage systems - How do we reduce costs?

Moderator: Michael McCaw, Editor, ENERGY RISK
Hugo Stappers, Director of Sales & Marketing EMEA, Pioneer Solutions
Roland Bäck, Head of ETRM and Trading Process Management, OMV
Chetna Bhatia, CIO, Aspect Enterprise Solutions


PRESENTATION: Use of robotics, AI and machine learning in the middle and back office

  • How are you using AI and robotic process automation
  • The benefits of using predicative analytics to help traders to make better trading decisions

Cyrus Dadachanji, Partner, Energy Trading and Risk Management, Infosys Consulting



Bernard Delahaye, Senior Vice President, EMEA, OpenLink


Lunch and opportunity to visit the exhibition



BOOTCAMP: Advanced analytical methods for managing energy trading and marketing portfolios in European markets

1. Credit Scoring for energy markets' customers and counterparties, a practitioner's approach

  • Real world Balance Sheet KPI's and Examples to score and monitor creditworthiness of Utilities

2. Energy supply and demand forecasting

  • Short-term/long term forecasting
  • Recent developments

3. Portfolio optimisation - An overview of analytic methods available for optimising

Robert Hendrickson, Senior Industry Consultant, SAS Institute

Rebecca Spring-Mills, Senior Account Executive for Utilities and Oil & Gas, SAS Institute


PRESENTATION: Technology as a disruptor of business models. Application of blockchain within the energy trading environment

  •  Blockchain 101, a brief overview of the technology for energy market professionals.
  • Practical usage: survey of first movers Lessons learned and observations from early adopters.
  • How can blockchain make energy trading more efficient? The future of blockchain in energy trading and challenges to be overcome

James Rilett, Global Innovation Director, S&P Global Platts


Afternoon Break


LIVE INTERVIEW: The growth in US shale -pricing mechanisms, WTI vs Brent, lack of volatility

Abhishek Deshpande, Chief Energy Analyst, Natixis interviewed by Michael McCaw, Editor, ENERGY RISK



CHAMPAGNE ROUNDTABLES: Bring your questions, leave with your answers!

Take the day's most contentious issues and fully engage with your peers in small interactive roundtable discussions to drill down, share best practice and take away diverse approaches to the same challenge from your fellow industry peers


  • Disruptive technology, blockchain and DLT Led by: James Rilett, Global Innovation Director, S&P Global Platts
  • KYC procedures (know your customer) - going through KYC process: what to look out for? Led by: Josef Bogensperger, Principal Risk Manager, Verbund Trading
  • Managing credit risk in a low price environment Led by: Diana Higgins, Head of Credit, Centrica Energy
  • Identifying crucial elements to the robust trade surveillance programme Led by: Aviv Handler, Managing Director, ETR Advisory
  • Game-changing risks that energy markets are facing and how will they impact traditional business models Led by: Cyrus Dadachanji, Partner, CTRM, Infosys Consulting
  • Brexit impact on the energy sector; post-Brexit regulatory changes Led by: Alexander McDonald, CEO, WMBA, LEBA



Each host will share 3 key outcomes following their roundtable discussion


Chairman’s closing remarks


Cocktail reception

Day 2


Registration and refreshments



Dr. Tony West, CEO, Forward Curve; Energy Trading Consultant, Pulse Business Energy


KEYNOTE ADDRESS: The oil market: where do we stand and what to expect next

  • OPEC: is supply management still a viable option for the cartel
  • Supply innovation: short cycle supply - US shale oil is here to stay
  • Policy risk: thoughts on the implications of potential polices of a new US administration
  • Paradigm shifts: Peak oil supply vs. peak oil demand

Harry Tchilinguirian, Global Head of Commodity Markets Strategy, BNP Paribas


GUEST ADDRESS: Measuring financial supply & demand for oil derivatives

  • Oil as an integral part of financial feedback loops
  • Combining physical and "financial" S&Ds
  • Identifying new major market participants
  • The theory of normal contango

Ilia Bouchouev, Managing Director, Global Head of Derivatives, Koch Supply & Trading


Gas markets: latest analysis on gas market developments, trades and price trends

  • Balancing network code
  • Latest developments in hub trading
  • Spot market pricing - what are the main impacts? Price movements analysis
  • Are oil-linked long-term gas contract out of the business?
  • Role of LNG in the dynamics of gas prices and gas balance in Europe
  • Gas storage under low gas price scenario

Irena Spazzapan, Gas & Power Origination, Goldman Sachs


Morning break


PRESENTATION: Commercial power contracts

  • Power price modelling
  • Renewable generation
  • Flexible generation
  • Battery storage
  • Swing contracts
  • Demand side response

George Levy, Quantitative Analyst, RWE npower


PRESENTATION: Pricing the renewables contracts - PPA (power purchase agreements)

  • Direct marketing of PPA
  • Valuation, optimisation and marketing

Dr. Lawrence Haar, Assistant Professor, University of Lincoln, Financial Economist and Commodity Risk Specialist


PRESENTATION: Downstream trading: big data analytics and structured deals

  • Big Data solution architecture - database management, modelling, live reporting, trading operations, enabling business
  • Demand forecasting - practical modelling challenges, further optimisation
  • Performance measuring - profitability, risk & execution
  • Downstream trading operations and risk-shaping, balancing, structured deals & hedging strategies

Pavlos Dario Ghazi, Head of Trading and Pricing, Isupply Energy



Lunch and opportunity to visit the exhibition


PANEL: Electricity trading market overview

  •  Bidding zone configurations - ambitious plans with fundamental problems
  • CACM guideline (bidding zone review process by ENTSO) and the current unsatisfactory situation with regards to the GER/AT bidding zone
  • The challenges of transmission capacity calculation and of allocation of transmission capacity across borders intraday
  • FCA Guideline and the Balancing Guideline - do they aid the process of completion of the single electricity market?

Peter Styles, Chairman of the Electricity Committee, EFET

Marcel Steinbach, Head of Energy Trading, BDEW German Association of Energy and Water Industries

Jan Fath, Senior Energy Trader, Energie Steiermark Business

Jamie Stewart, Editor, European Daily Electricity Markets, Icis


Integration of renewable energy in the wholesale power market

  • Renewable electricity generation in the market and its impact on risk managers
  • Addressing the challenge of demand flexibility to help accommodate RES integration
  • The role and possible privileges of aggregators
  • Impact of renewable growth on energy prices

Michele Governatori, Head of Public and Regulatory Affairs, Axpo Italia


CLOSING KEYNOTE: Playing with fire: Will your business model go up in flames?

  • Fossil fuels vs renewable energies - how can conventional generation survive? What is the future energy mix in the next 5-10-15 years?
  • Development of power supply and demand over 10-20 years' timeline - how will renewables impact the price course?
  • Are new disruptive technologies threatening Europe's large utilities?
  • How is the market going to develop as we are moving more to distributed power?

Walt Patterson, Author; Associate Fellow of the Energy, Environment and Resources Department, Chatham House; Founding Member, International Energy Advisory Council


Chairman’s closing remarks


Afternoon refreshments and networking time


End of Energy Risk Europe 2017